Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I love vinyl!

I discovered vinyl's officially an obsession. lol I've done a couple home decor projects and more recently picked up some outdoor vinyl so I could do some graphics for my car but instead I've been having fun making custom tumblers instead. These are the ones I made so far.....the first two tumblers were end of the school year gifts for my sons bus drivers, the last one was a birthday gift for a friend. Then I made a coffee mug for my friend Linda who is a HUGE fan of the Time Bandit of Deadliest Catch fame. I made a custom jar for my cousins awesome homemade bbq sauce, now I need to make HIM one.

*Looks around the house to see what I can vinyl up next! lol*




  1. Hi - Found you via David W. George's Facebook (now if that isn't an interesting connection, I don't know what is... : .) I used to be a big crafter and I've stepped away from it (relationships...), but looking at all your projects, trades, challenges is inspiring!!! And you're a fan of Disney too??? I'll keep poking around on your blog... If you'd like to see some of my stuff (is that self-promotion?! hee!) I haven't posted since June, and no art since March maybe, yikes!!! Anyway, I'm rambling now... Nice to "meet" you Raquel!!!

    1. Hi phinner!! So glad you found me, I love it when things like that happen. Thanks for your sweet compliments and yep, I'm a Disney fan since I was a wee one! I will definitely check out your blog, feel free to friend me on FB if you like. I have a fan page on there that I update more often than here. Well sometimes anyway. lol Nice to meet you as well!